Wednesday, October 3, 2012

holland drive.

We loved our apartment in Chapel Hill. It was a great place for us - quiet, tucked away in a patch of forest, and close in proximity to both friends and a great big pasture. Our back porch overlooked some woods, which were especially magnificent around this time last year. That apartment has been on our minds a good bit this week, but for reasons back-porch-view unrelated. 

Our recent nostalgia has been brought on by the unfortunate paring of this week's weather (blazing hot) and our 100 year-old building's AC situation, which is that there's no AC. So I truly do miss the porch and trees, but sometimes I just miss my old friends, dishwasher and central cooling. Those guys were the best. 

. . .


  1. All is well if the air conditioning works!

  2. Here's what you do: Take the above photos, blow them up, stick them to your apartment windows. BAM! Insta-Carolina. Problem solved. STOP WHINING

    1. yeh, that would turn out as good as your canada shirts.