Monday, October 29, 2012

when the giants won.

Last night the SF Giants won the World Series! They managed to totally sweep the Detroit Tigers, winning 4 games in a row. Go Giants! Finn and I were sitting on the steps of a cathedral at the top of Nob Hill when the game ended and could hear the whole city celebrating. Cabbies honking their horns, people fist pumping and cheering on the street, and within a few minutes fireworks were going off.

This is where we were sitting:

And this was our view:

As you can tell, the fog was super dense so we couldn't actually see any fireworks. We still had fun listening to all the ruckus. Even when we went to bed a few hours later, people were still celebrating outside. One of my favorite parts of this whole Giants craze is that the entire city is decked out in black and orange. I am just pretending everyone is super excited for Halloween.

. . .

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