Tuesday, September 18, 2012

shared birthday, not twins.

Happy Birthday Robin, Happy Birthday Lee!

I love my siblings. A lot. They are two of my favorite people on earth. If I had to compile a list of individuals I'd be willing to go on a solo vacation with, they'd both be at the top of my selection. Seriously. 

First, there's Robin. My only sister, the dear heart and caretaker of our family. She's a left-handed, right-brained idealist. A deep thinker and a great beauty. Who I am today has undoubtedly been shaped by her sweet guidance and care. And then there's Lee, the best big brother. He offers good advice, is grounded, wise, and very kind. He's such a hard worker and lives with integrity. Plus he's an excellent athlete and master chef. I really look up to him and find irrational joy in making him laugh. They are the greatest! I love them.

Happy birthday you two! I can't wait to be neighbors and raise dogs and babies together. And have awesome slip-n-slide parties at Lee's house (so we don't have to mess up our own grass). Those will be the glory years.

. . .

(ps - how cute is that top picture of Robin hugging on Lee? It's one of my all time favorites!)


  1. Thanks Beth! My birthday package was so unbelievably exciting to open. I can't wait to wear my new jorts to work!

    1. You will blow people away with your professionalism and style!

  2. Awww, such a sweet image. You are all de best!

  3. thank you bethee! i can't wait to see you!