Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a recent read: a dog's life.

If you like reading, British-infused wit, and dogs, then you should probably read this book. A Dog's Life is a "canine memoir", a tale of life in Provence told from the perspective of Boy, author Peter Mayle's dog. Boy shares his insightful views on many topics including hygiene, cocktail parties, wine tastings, love, tennis ball educate, the nuisance known as cats, and the "seven gestures of appeasement", or his repertoire of nonverbal communication guaranteed to get any dog out of trouble. If you love or have ever loved a doggie, I think you'd like reading this too.

Peter Mayle is one of my favorite authors. His books are excellent vacation companions - short chapters, dry humor, and full of wry observations that make his books all very fun to read but easy to put down when it's time for dinner or a swim in the ocean. I also love A Year in Provence and Acquired Tastes. Check them out if you need something low key to read.

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  1. A Dog's Life is one of my all time favorite books:)

  2. I'm with you mom. Peter Mayle is awesome.