Monday, September 17, 2012

moneybags finneran.

In the past few weeks I've started working for Lululemon Athletica, an athletic apparel company that sells high end yoga and running apparel. Here are things I really like about my new part time job: 

     1) It's 0.3 miles from where we live.
     2) Lululemon employees get to wear comfy exercise clothing to work every day.
     3) My store has partnerships with a few great yoga studios in town where I can take any class for free.
     4) My manager makes pumpkin chocolate chip bread on the regular. 

Where you can now find me many days of the week!

The position kind of fell into my lap and I'm so happy it did. I like the people there, am doing more yoga than ever, and get to wear what are essentially pajamas on a daily basis (this point is huge for me). It's all pretty great! They have a fun company culture and I'm thankful to be working again, even if it's just part time. 

. . .


  1. sounds so fun - I'm checking out the Southpark store soon!