Tuesday, April 23, 2013

back with a surprise...

Hello wonderful people,

Mr. Finneran and I have some very exciting news (it's not a baby or a puppy so you can all exhale). Finn just found out he'll be traveling next week for work and (even more exciting) I'll be joining him. This coming Saturday, we will be leaving for a week long trip to one of the destinations below:

     1. Cape Town
     2. Dubai
     3. London
     4. Rio de Janeiro
     5. Oslo
     6. Hong Kong

Please place your votes for where you think we're headed. Then tomorrow, I'll reveal which one is real (because let's face it, building suspense is way more fun than just telling you). 

Whoever guesses correctly gets a postcard from the secret location while we're there! 

. . .


  1. ok,

    1 - i thought it was a baby for 0.5 seconds and. I. FREAKED. OUT.

    2 - my guess is oslo, norway.

    3 - if im wrong, i want a postcard anyways ;)

  2. well, now taht I know, I guessed wrong! I am soooo excited for you!

  3. SO COOL! i want to guess norway, but since lauren already did i'm gonna saaaaaay hong kong.