Thursday, March 29, 2012

our happy last days in NC.

Less than 3 days remain before we drive away from our beloved North Carolina homeland of dogwoods, whippoorwills, and bojangles onward to our soon-to-be new home in San Francisco. Since the move has come about quite quickly ((this new job wasn't even in finn's sphere of awareness 2 months ago)), the reality or weight of our imminent departure hasn't sunk in quite yet. We found out just 3 weeks ago that we'd be moving (!!!) and I think our brains simply haven't caught up yet. That's okay, I suspect there will be plenty of time for realization/contemplation during the 3,000 mile-ish journey that's ahead. 

The past 2 weeks have been a dreamy gift of soaking up all that we love about North Carolina. See below list:

  1. Eating NC foods. ie: bojangles, chick-fil-a, barbeque, my mama's home cookin', and our chapel-hill favorite...Kurama! 
  2. Taking lots of walks (this beautiful spring weather makes my heart swell), biking the American Tobacco Trail, & scootering all over Orange county, land-lusting over the farmland on our rad power-rangers-esque scooter that will be joining us in SF. 
  3. Seeing our parents, siblings, and favorite nephew Jet. We have seen our family members lots in the past 2 weeks, which has been a huge highlight. There's no comfort like fun/hilarious/deep sibling hang-time or the encouragement and love we get from time spent with our parents. Also Jet wore a "my aunt is awesome" onesie for me: pure elation.
  4. Being with our friends. Sigh. Finn and I are fortunate people who are mysteriously liked and loved by the coolest humans I know. We've rendezvoused with nearly all of our best friends which has been truly wonderful. Our dear friends here hosted a very special night for us in Durham where words of affirmation were written, prayers were spoken over us and our new adventure, and my pinterest treats list was made. ARE YOU KIDDING. We will miss this community deeply and often.
  5. also we went to a hurricanes hockey game & saw the hunger games & went to the dentist 5 times between the two of us. wins all around. 

we're blessed our weeks have been filled with perfect spring weather (and even a proper NC thunderstorm) and the company of those we love most (i'm talking about the dentist...obvi). 

i don't feel sad or nervous to think about the amount of homesick ahead. i feel thankful we were gifted with such a rich chapter of life at all. 

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